#NiallTODAY: Niall Horan Rocks Out At The TODAY Show Plaza

This memorial day morning, May 29th, Niall Horan performed at the TODAY Show plaza in New York City, as a part of the Citi Concert Series. Niall is the second member of One Direction to perform solo in the Citi Concert Series, following his bandmate Harry Styles who opened the Citi Concert Series.

Judging by his Twitter activity, Niall has been excited for this performance for months and he probably didn’t get much sleep last night; just like his fans who waited out on the street all night. Niall was so excited that he even posted a cheeky video to Twitter that included him trying out his New Yorker accent.

Horan’s fans definitely showed their dedication and support last night as they wrapped up in their rain ponchos and lined up down the streets of New York City, waiting for the brown-haired singer. Niall took notice of these fans sitting in the cold weather and he took to Twitter to show his thanks and appreciation.

Some lucky fans even interacted with Niall on Twitter after they tweeted pictures of their happy selves eating pizza last night. Niall definitely got a kick out of their reaction to his initial reply as well, when he responded with “Oi chill out, you’ll wake the neighbors”.


Finally, morning came and fans were let into the TODAY Show plaza to get the best view for Niall’s soundcheck and performance. At soundcheck, Niall sang three songs from his debut album. He also made some fans’ day as he graciously accepted their flowers.

The time then came for Niall’s rocking performance at the plaza. To start the show, Horan said, “Look where we are, the center of the universe,” and then proceeded to sing his new single, “Slow Hands”.


Niall delivered four amazing performances and even stopped for some interviews in between. Fans especially enjoyed hearing new music from Horan including his unreleased single, “On The Loose”.

Throughout the show, Niall was smiling ear to ear, fans were jumping up and down, and nobody cared one bit about the rain. It was all about having a good time and enjoying the music.

Niall touched the hearts of thousands as he dedicated his performance of “This Town” to the victims of the Manchester bombing. The singer said, “Before I start, I would like to dedicate it to the people who lost their lives in Manchester last week. It was a very sad thing, so I just, it’s the least I can do is dedicate this song.”

To make the whole world’s day even better, Niall performed a One Direction classic; “Best Song Ever”. Not only our are hearts melting, but this surprise performance just shows that Niall Horan has many more surprises up his sleeve for the near future.



Overall, Niall’s performance wowed the crowd and left fans hungry for his full-length debut album. He even hinted at releasing some more new music this fall. We especially can’t wait for more music from solo Niall and more eclectic performances like this one.

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Written by CelebMix