Niall Horan’s E-Mail Subscribers just got a New Letter in their Inboxes

Fans of Niall Horan have been waiting for his follow up single to ‘This Town’ for months. The song was well-written and catchy, it was an incredible first solo single for Niall, but with his eclectic music taste, fans were waiting to see what his second single would sound like. Now, the wait is over – well almost – as he took to social media today to announce that his follow-up single is just days away.

‘Slow Hands’ will debut on May 4th and Niall shared the artwork for the tune on his Instagram account today. He also shared a little note on his Instagram story hours ago.

In addition to those posts, Niall’s e-mail subscribers were just sent another letter from Niall in his personal handwritten style which is a sweet and authentic touch.

The single art is stunning and we can’t wait to hear the tune. Not only do we have ‘Slow Hands’ to look forward to, the letter says to anticipate a few songs on radio show tours and that he is incredibly happy with the way his album is shaping up. As fans, there’s nothing we want more for Niall than for him to be making music that he loves and is proud of.

He also says he’s been rehearsing with a great band and you can just sense the excitement from the way that he’s written everything down.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.