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Nick Cannon Releases Music Video For ‘Nobody Else’

After the success of his single ‘Nobody Else,’ Nick Cannon has surprised fans yet again with an entertaining and carefree music video featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Jacquees.

This recently released video has already left fans beyond impressed with Cannon’s talent and the single’s visuals. It begins with a bit of comedy as a baby is left on what appears to be the star’s front porch to which he replies: “Who ordered a baby?!” This aspect of the video carries its plot in a fun way to keep viewers entertained while still being able to enjoy the song. It also leaves people wondering what would happen if a baby was left at a house full of celebrities recovering from a party.

The collaboration between Cannon and Ty Dolla $ign, as well as Jacquees, is something new and effortlessly natural. The combination of voices on this track, as well as the personalities in its video, allow fans to enjoy both the song and its visual without being able to compare it to a song they heard minutes before. Its catchy hook and vocal runs provide listeners with the raw talent every music fan hopes to discover and will not find in every song that they hear.

Cannon is able to show off his smooth vocals and punchy lyrics to put a smile on any fan’s face. The aspect of comedy and his genuine personality give both the song and its music video that x-factor that many artists often struggle to find and maintain throughout their career.

For a music video that has only been recently released, ‘Nobody Else’ is racking up views and only continuing to captivate viewers around the world. On top of everything being well produced, this project, in one word, screams: genuine. The concept of musicians honestly enjoying what they do and giving their all is something music fans appreciate and often look for when they are discovering new artists. Between the energy in this music video coming from Cannon, Ty Dolla $ign and Jacquees, it is undeniable that this trio checks every box in that category and more.

Nick Cannon is definitely an artist to keep on your radar for the rest of 2019. The ‘Nobody Else’ singer may be that dark horse everyone is waiting for to dominate the charts and if one thing is certain, he definitely deserves all of the success in the world.

If you have yet to see the music video for ‘Nobody Else,’ be sure to check it out on YouTube here and share this visually unique masterpiece with other music fans.

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Written by Alessandra

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