Nick de la Hoyde Releases Music Video for "Animals"

Nick de la Hoyde Releases Music Video for “Animals”

Nick grew up in Sydney, Australia with a Syrian mother and British father, so he was always exposed to multiple global influences that now effects his music. Combining his love of hip-hop, pop, and R&B, Nick created songs like “California”, “Mirror Mirror”, “Hold Me Close”, and “Love Takes Time.” Now he has a brand new punchy pop production about love, called “Animals.”


“I wrote the song because I am constantly in awe of the unconditional love that I see in all animals, whether in the wild or the ones we are blessed to share our homes with!,” says Nick. “No matter what sort of day you have had, or how bad you are feeling, when you get home you are greeted with love and affection that puts a smile back on your face.”

He continued saying, “Human beings can learn a lot from animals, and real, unconditional love is the biggest lesson your can learn from them and one that we should put into practice in our own lives”.

Listening to the lyrics for “Animals” while watching the music video, we couldn’t help but smile. Throughout the video, one person has panda mask on while the other has a tiger mask. The two people are simply enjoying life together in these masks, as lyrics like, “Love is turning us into animals” plays in the background. For us, the music video beautifully compliments the meaning behind the song that Nick wanted to portray.

“Animals” will be featured on his latest album, ‘A Beautiful Mess’, which is set for a June/July release. So stay tuned for that!

Watch the music video for “Animals” below:

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