Nick Jonas Teams Up With Creative Recreation For New Sneaker Line

Is there anything that Nick Jonas can’t do?! He can act, he can sing, he can write songs, he can turn anyone with a brain into a puddle of mush at the drop of a hat… Or, at the drop of his pants. But now he has added becoming a designer to his list of talents and we couldn’t be more thrilled because we might not be able to have Nick Jonas himself, but it feels good to know that we can get a tiny portion of him when we buy a pair of sneakers from his new collection.

The musician and actor has teamed up with Los Angeles based sneaker label, Creative Recreation, to design his own collection of unisex footwear and we’re not going to hold back here, we want it all and we want it now. The collection will feature six different styles of sneakers which will be reflective of Jonas’ personal style which he has often described as being a mixture of sophisticated yet fresh.

In a recent press release about his new collection, Nick talked all about his love for fashion and what made him want to work with Creative Recreation specifically. Find out what he said here:

On working with Creative Recreation: “I decided to work with Creative Recreation because I have always been a fan of them and when I first met with them to discuss things, they showed a lot of enthusiasm about collaborating with me on something. I’m hoping that the line will give my fans a piece of who I am, and it’s really exciting that Creative Recreation let me take the lead with this. I’m not a shoe designer but I really want to learn about it and grow.”

On getting into sneakers: “I’ve become a sneaker guy more so over the last couple of years. I have a stylist called Avo who has done a great job of introducing me to a lot of great things. He’s put a collection of things I like together, showcasing my personality through it and that’s what I aim to do.”

On his recent trip to Milan for Fashion Week: “I went to Armani’s show in Milan and it was a great trip overall. Their whole team is incredible and they took great care of us and told us about the brand and its history as a whole. It was just incredible to be there and to see what a staple Mr. Armani is in not only the city but the fashion community in general. I loved the experience.”

On how to upgrade a casual look: “I elevate my dressed-down looks by adding some elements of bold statements within what are otherwise pretty classic styles. You know, little pieces that just mix it up and keep people on their toes but which also showcase some personality.”

On the footwear in his collection: “Some of the shoes in my line are based off of pre-existing styles, but I’ve taken them and flipped them to give them a personal touch. I’m a fan of shoes that are a combination of style and comfort, a classic approach but with a twist. I designed them with a vision of where I’m going in the future, not only as an actor and a musician but also as a creator.”

The new collection is expected to drop on 11th February and we have heard that some of the styles will be high-top while others will be low-top, with the prices ranging from $95 to $150.

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You can also see Nick on the day of the release at The Grove in Los Angeles. Details for this can be found below.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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