Nigel Farage turns down opportunity to appear on I’m a Celeb

Former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, has turned down a £750,000 ($997,087.50) offer to appear on hit TV show, ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’.

Following his success in the UK’s EU Referendum, producers are desperate to have him on the show, first offering £250,000 ($332,362.50) which was then increased in a bid to have the controversial politician.

Farage says he feels he would become “extraordinarily bored”; so bored he “might even try to set up a new political party”.

The prospect of Christine Hamilton’s presence may also be the reason he has said “no way” to the show, as he has a very icy relationship with her husband, the leader of UKIP Wales.

‘An I’m a Celebrity…’ source said: “This year, everyone is talking about Brexit, so producers are desperate to snare one of the biggest names from the Leave campaign for the jungle to make it the most talked about series yet.”

His £750,000 offer would have been five times the amount Christopher Biggins was paid to appear on the show, however, it was still turned down.

It is unclear whether or not ITV will increase this offer yet again, despite their determination to bag the most controversial political leader in the UK.

Written by CelebMix