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Hey, “Mambo”: Nikki Vianna Releases and Chats About Catchy New Single

Following a successful year, which included collaborations with Matoma on “When You Leave” and Vasco on “Two Shots“, Nikki Vianna is ready to make 2020 even better.

Today marks the release of Nikki Vianna’s first release of the year. The fun number is titled “Mambo” and prominently samples the infamous “Mambo Italiano” (previously also heard on GaGa’s “Americano” or Iggy’s “Lola”).

Vianna’s latest single is the banger we needed to end this month right and one of the few big pop moments we had so far: it is a well-produced piece of pop music that perfectly intertwines its Italian roots with an outstanding delivery by the singer and a prime production. Buckle up and get ready for an explosive chorus that will make you want to “sway, mambo” for some time.

Nikki Vianna has also just debuted an accompanying video which is set in an old Italian restaurant in New York City. It follows the story of a young Nikki, waiting tables and dreaming of starring in her own glamorous music video one day. A great choreography, lots of outfit changes and an amazing performance make this truly a video to watch.

If you want to find out more about the track and the video, be sure to read further down below as we have asked Nikki Vianna some questions about both of these things.

Listen to the new track right here:

Be sure to check out the music video:

Congrats on the new release! How does it feel to enter the year with this kind of bang(er)?

Thank you! I’m just so grateful I get to release music I love. 

Can you tell us a little bit more about “Mambo”?

We actually re–did an older Italian anthem called “Mambo Italiano”. Being Italian, it only felt right to dig into my roots and put my spin on this timeless record.

How did the creative process look like and what made you decide to go for the “Mambo Italiano” sample?

I was sent a ruff sample version of this idea and fell in love with it, relating to it so much and then I put my own Nikki Vianna spin on it.

You have also just debuted a video to the song. What inspired the visuals?

Well, I was a waitress when I was 17 and I would often find myself watching the TV and videos at work, daydreaming and visualizing me making a music video one day. So its inspired by real life events. Also I Iove old Hollywood glam, the Sofia Loren essence, so I felt like that was a big influence to me.

Do you have any favorite moments filming it?

I loved bringing in these old fashion vibes with the shorter hair and the head piece; it reminded of my late grandmother who was born in Italy and she always has been one of my biggest role models and one my my biggest fans.

Last but not least: what else can we expect from you in 2020?

I don’t want to give to much away but we have a lot coming more music more videos and some amazing collaborations. 

Sounds exciting!

“Mambo” is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer and platform of your choice. It was released today via Atlantic Records.

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