Vasco & Nikki Vianna

Nikki Vianna Shines on Vasco’s New Electro-Pop Track “Two Shots”

What should we expect of a song that sees the producer of superstars like Terror Jr or MØ team up with a frequent collaborator of Matoma, Cash Cash and Flo Rida? Well, to be honest, we should expect nothing less than a mega-bop.

This has luckily been delivered today by the aforementioned people. This case sees Vasco (Danish producer extraordinaire) team up with Queens-born singer-songwriter Nikki Vianna, to be precise.

We already introduced you to Vasco with the release of his debut EP “Tender Luv” earlier this year. It was a short but very sweet affair that we absolutely loved for its heartbreaking melodies that were filled with Vasco’s unique approach to producing music. Nikki Vianna is also already a superstar, having garnered close to 30 million streams solely on Spotify and having worked with big names in the industry such as Toby Gad, Poo Bear or Matoma.

Now, the two decided to link up and share their first collaboration titled “Two Shots”. The song is rather laidback and deals with the aftermath of the vocalist finding out that she is being lied to by her boyfriend. “Two shots in and you’re all to blame”, sings Nikki over a light guitar string that soon dives into a rather catchy chorus that will not leave your mind for a couple of days.

The track showcases Vasco’s talent at not only being able to create stunning left-leaning music but also at being able to create more radio-friendly approaches that still ring true to his origin.

Listen to the track right here:


“Two Shots” was released via Big Beat Records today and is available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer of your choice.

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