The Plug

No Past No Future Release Alluring “The Plug”

Pop collective No Past No Future (N.P.N.F) released their debut single, “The Plug,” not long ago.

Released via their N.P.N.F label imprint, No Past No Future is made up of Yung Hemingway, Ty-Kee, and Earl. The concept for No Past No Future was inspired by Ekhart Tolle’s book, The Power Of Now – there is no past or future. All we truly have is the Now.

No Past No Future explains, “The music is a celebration of the moment we are in. Being able to create and collaborate in person was awesome. The music reflects a nostalgic feel while dealing with the effects of 2020.”

The trio comprising No Past No Future live in different locations: Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, which presented a unique challenge. Meeting in Los Angeles to record, the threesome went to work. They call the first set of songs Lakeside Vibes Vol. 1, a title reflecting Yung Hemingway’s roots in Chicago and their first time recording in L.A.’s Silverlake area.

Yung Hemingway says, “The music we created in Silverlake for me captures the feeling of coming out the pandemic and looking forward to summertime in Chicago. It’s got a summer upbeat nostalgic vibe but still deals with the effects of anxiety and doubt that set in from being cooped up for so long.” 

Introduced to each other by a member of the collective, KB, aka the great connector, the musical and personal rapport was immediate.

Ty-Kee shares, “Earl and I have been working together for a while, so we already had strong chemistry but when we met Yung Hemingway the connection was instant.”

Lakeside Vibes Vol. 2 will be recorded in Chicago, while the third volume, yet untitled, will be recorded in Atlanta.

“The Plug” opens on low-slung savors of R&B merged with alt-pop. Crisp percussion and a muted bassline give the rhythm an intoxicating melodic flow. Silky-smooth vocals infuse the lyrics with cool, evocative textures as radiant harmonies add shimmering depth and velvety surfaces.

Stylish and alluring, “The Plug” offers creamy flavors of plush pop music topped by swanky, deluxe vocals.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.