NSYNC’s Lance and Joey Sing Backstreet Boys’ Hit Song

Now here’s a flashback Friday for you all!  We’re not sure if anything can top Lance and Joey from NSYNC singing a classic Backstreet Boys song!

We’ve seen another collaboration recently, with members of four boybands coming together to fight zombies in the release of the film, Dead 7, but nonetheless, we’re convinced their fellow boyband members would approve.  This collaboration only included 2/5 of NSYNC singing a Backstreet Boys’ song, but we are definitely not complaining.

What song must one sing when performing for an open mic night or karaoke sing-along?  Lance and Joey did not pick one of their own songs, there are far too many to choose from in other boyband repertoires!

Taking the stage at the Dirty Pop at Sea Caribbean cruise, Lance and Joey put their own twist on the hit, I Want It That Way by their fellow boyband mates, the Backstreet Boys.  We’re hoping for a reunion tour with every classic 90s boyband, but at this point we can only dream!

Take a listen to Lance and Joey singing their fellow band’s vintage classic!



What would you choose for a karaoke night?  What is your go to song?  Share your thoughts and comments below and follow @CelebMix on Twitter!

Written by Elissa Rose

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