NYA Releases 'Southland' EP

NYA Releases ‘Southland’ EP

NYA is a 22-year-old R&B/soul/pop singer and songwriter who never cared to fit into the usual “superstar” persona. Music was always the thing that let her express what she was feeling, so that’s how she kept it. She kept it 100% HER.

Listening to her new EP, Southland, you’re listening to a diary about a girl discovering herself in the jungle that is LA, all bundled up in three songs.

Southland came about from my collaboration with producer and songwriter jodynl, NYA told Atwood Magazine. “All three songs originated from my experiences living in Southland, actually a lesser known nickname for LA, hence the EP title.

NYA continued saying, “I really allowed myself to lean into a more classic style of songwriting and Danny (jodynl) paired that with a mix of alternative and more traditionally cinematic sounds. The result is very vibey and chill. That being said, I wanted to contrast that relaxed feel with dark and blunt lyrics.”

Listening to this EP, listeners are let in to NYA’s world along with the struggles that many people go through. “Shallow,” is all about the desperate need for human connection, “For Your Love” goes into the idea of wanting to do anything for love, and “Hollywood Hills,” explains how following your dreams in Hollywood can devastate so many people.

Based off of those descriptions, you can tell that NYA writes raw lyrics about topics that some may not want to really talk about. But that’s not surprising to us, because like we said, she never cared to fit into the usual “superstar” persona.

And that’s what she should continue to do.

Listen to her EP, Southland, below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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