Oasis Documentary To Be Screened For One Night Only In The U.S.

A new Oasis documentary film will be screened in American cinemas for one night only next month.

Supersonic tells the story of the Manchester bands rise to fame in the early 90’s.

Directed by Mat Whitecross and co-produced by Asif Kapadia, the documentary will focus on the years 1993 to 1996, leading up to Oasis’s legendary concerts at Knebworth.

Oasis Documentary To Be Screened For One Night Only In The U.S. 1

Supersonic will feature brand new interviews from both Noel and Liam Gallagher, their beloved Mother Peggy, as well as former members of the band and tour crew.

“We did 12 interviews with Noel and the same with Liam.” Whitecross said. “The film could have easily been over seven hours long.”

“We’d talk to Noel and Liam and it was like we’d created a conversation between them even though they weren’t in the same room.”

The buzz surrounding the film has lead to much speculation about a potential Oasis reunion.

Speaking to Rolling Stone earlier this year, Noel said he is often asked about the bands future.

“Every day people say, ‘you’ll definitely re-form – you will‘. And I’m just like, ‘That’s so rude‘ They try to Jedi-mind-trick me.”

Gallagher concluded he would maybe be willing to reform the band for $50 million.

Oasis were one of the biggest bands to come out of the UK in the 90’s, selling over 77 million records worldwide.

Famous for hits such as ‘Wonderwall’, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ and ‘Some Might Say’ the band split in 2009 after a falling out between brothers Liam and Noel.

Supersonic will be released in UK cinemas nationwide on October 14th ahead of it’s DVD and Blu-Ray release on October 31st.

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Written by Philip Logan

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