OG3NE debut their electrifying new single “But I Do”

We don’t often see a trio compete on shows like The Voice. When the Vol sisters, aka OG3NE won the fifth season of the singing reality show, it took everyone by surprise. It was the first time for viewers to see a trio not only competing in the competition but also winning it.

OG3NE have been appealing to music listeners since their entry into the music industry. The sisters participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and represented their country with the song “Lights and Shadows”.

Earlier this week, the trio left everyone in awe with their electrifying performance at Gouden Televizier-Ring Gala, an annual television awards in Netherlands.

Overhauling their look for the performance, the Vol sisters took to the stage and performed their new single “But I Do”.

Co-written by “Symphony” hitmaker Zara Larsson, “But I Do” is a love track that talks about lover’s struggle to get over her broken relationship and beloved.

Taking on the theme of singles like “Stitches” that deviate from the conventional monotonous tune for sad tracks, the trio mixed dance music to their new single.

OG3NE definitely set the stage on fire. Check out the Vol sisters as they showcase their vocal prowess in the performance video below:

They look absolutely stunning in their new look and their confidence deserves a mention. The last few months have been quite difficult for the sisters as they lost their mother. But as they say, “the show must go on”.

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