Olly Murs has ‘Never Been Better’

Olly Murs’ new album “Never Been Better” has been released in 2014 after two years of break. It looks like it gave a tremendous impulse to the singer, who’s having lots of work since then. The Never Been Better Tour has just ended recently, and now Murs has returned to the UK X-Factor. He became the host of the 12th series with the beautiful TV presenter Caroline Flack.

Simon Cowell stated at the end of this year’s series that he was more than satisfied with Olly’s performance – he might be back next year?

We decided to review the songs of the standard album to see if you feel like to listen to it.

  1. Did You Miss Me

This song gives perfectly the keynote to the whole album. Begins with a scream, then catch a jazz kind of line that walks you through the song. It somehow gets a pleasant feeling of the trumpet solos. Olly cheekily tell us that he’s back and ready to and to be on the top of the charts again. “I can tell that you miss me, ’cause your eyes give it away, I know you can’t resist me”

  1. Wrapped Up

The funky tunes and the jazz line continues with the first single of the album. This song is typically the one which makes you want to jump out of your chair in order to start dancing. The cheeky lyrics (“Baby, when I look in your eyes, There’s no way that I can disguise all these crazy thoughts in my mind now”) creates a fantastic mix with Olly’s voice, then Travie McCoy turns up, whose rap brings the song to the top. From the album, this is the song that managed to catch the sound of Mr.Murs the best.

  1. Beautiful To Me

“Beautiful To Me” is the fourth single. At this song, the tempo slightly slows down. We can feel free to call it the first love ballad of the whole album. The sound and the melody is calmer, more polished compared to the previous two songs. The lyrics and the tune are in full compliance. If there is a Murs-song that should be heard, definitely I recommend this one to everyone. During multiple hearing you’ll still get goose bumps, you can feel that Olly’s got a message to every female listener.

“Love, don’t ever change the way you are, You light the sky just like a star, I don’t care what you see, you’re beautiful to me” 

  1. Up

Now we’ve arrived at the album’s second single, which was created with Demi Lovato. The melody is catchy, makes people feel magnificent. The vocals are completely pervading each other, fit perfectly. It’s felt that both singers are professionals, and we have to say that Demi was the best choice. “Up” has a perfect background music. While listening, you can feel yourself like flying up with the song. Olly was not included in the list of songwriters, which can be considered the fact that the quite melodious song failed to catch the Murs-sound.

  1. Seasons

This cheeky song became Olly’s third single on this album, which was a great decision, because as we get closer to the chorus, the morale of the song’s just getting hotter. You almost wish, you could jump up and dance with the singer. It’s actually overheated, but entirely in a positive sense: dynamic and sexy. Though Murs didn’t help in the writing of this song, the songwriters successfully put together a magnificent song. The “owl hoot” between the chorus and the verses gives a unique plus to Seasons. “Winter, summer, spring and fall, I’ll be on the line waiting for your call”

  1. Nothing Without You

Another excellent love ballad, in which Olly tells his love that he feels like he’s fully lost and he’s got nothing without her. A piano follows the tune, and make this song the most emotional on the album with the lyrics. The “nana-nana” at the end of the song’s just cherry on the cake.

  1. Never Been Better

It’s entirely justified that this is the eponymous song of the album. Olly indeed shows us that he’s back, and he’s never been better, no one can destroy his good mood. Optimistic tone, in fact, the singer raises the strongest arguments in order to feel ourselves superbly – and never better. “Everybody cries but not today, not today, cause I won’t let ya, Everybody dies but not today, not me cause I’ve never been better”. At the beginning of the song, you can feel a bit like you got into the middle of an Elvis-song, then the trumpet solos give a great tone for “Never Been Better”. We highly recommend this song to those who are sad. Try to relive the message of the song – we guarantee you’ll feel better!

  1. Hope You Got What You Came For

This song is my other big favourite from “Never Been Better”. The piano returns as an accompanying instrument and brings a turning point in the album. The mood changes to dramatic, which is reflected in the lyrics as well: “Our little hearts are quiet now, I feel the silence coming down”, then in the chorus the other instruments take over the role of the piano. In the second verse, as particular pleasure, we can hear violin solos, which make the album in a bit different genre, again. “Hope You Got What You Came For” is a passionate and a love ballad. A melancholic and fantastic song, with which the joint work of the piano, drums and violin give the musical focus.

  1. Why Do I Love You

At the beginning of the song, the piano has a dramatic role. Olly starts to sing the song; the pace is accelerating, with it, the song is taking a turning point. It changes to a “pop-up your chair” kind of style, which accompanies us until the end of the song, as the singer is trying to figure out why he loves the girl. Similarly to most of the songs on this album, “Why Do I Love You” also has its movement. Can be listened!

  1.  Stick With Me

The acoustic guitar solo’s just smashin it at the beginning, and as it walks you through the entire song, we eventually receive a great guitar song. The violin replaces the guitar in the choruses;  with these two musical instruments could Olly just copy the country style, but the appearing R’n’B and EDM elements form a modern genre. Overall, the song got a dynamic tone, which fits to the text; the singer is enjoying his solitude, he also provides the family members that he’s brilliantly and couldn’t be any better than that. “Oh Father, don’t you worry, I’ll never let you down. Oh Mother, when you need me, I’ll always be around. Sister, it’s hard to see you struggle like you do, but I’ll be there with you”

  1. Can’t Say No

The primary focus of this song is on the backing vocals instead of musical instruments. Olly brings his dynamic form with a new pop-up song, in which in addition to Murs’ voice, lot of attention is given to the background singers. There is an elusive something in this song, which seizes the human and not even let it go. “I know you feel what I’m feeling so no, you can’t say no” – we guess we can’t say “No” to Olly either ;)

  1. Tomorrow

In addition to slowing towards the end, the piano takes the lead role again. We get a sad love ballad – already the fourth. “Tomorrow” is probably one of the purest songs on the album, in which we can feel the pain and the emotional atmosphere the most. That’s why it can bring down the mood of people a bit, but it’s a very relaxing song.

  1. Let Me In

As the closing of the standard album, we get the fifth ballad, which is accompanied by a guitar. The mood has considerably improved compared to the previous song; more a precatory, than a pain revealing. He asks his love to let him in her life, to be able to protect her from the storms and everything bad. Let Me In is a fully great song to close the large mass of emotion that Olly rained upon us in the songs. “Let me in and we can fill our lives with magic, Let me in and we could keep each other warm”


The Deluxe Album includes plus four songs, by title We Still LoveUs Against The WorldReady For Love and History.


Overall, Olly put together an enjoyable, well-composed and well-balanced album. Other genres and styles are mixed with pop, so it is never boring because there is always something in the songs, you can appreciate. You can feel the improvement that had happened during the two-year “break”, and you can also feel that next to Olly, there are names among the songwriters like Ryan Tedder, Mike Posner, John Newman and Paul Weller. I would also mention the brilliantly chosen contributors: Demi Lovato surprised us at Up, Travie McCoy at Wrapped Up.

For these things, Olly deserves a “Well Done” by CelebMix, and we’re eagerly looking forward to his next album!

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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