Should OMG be Little Mix’s new single?

Going against popular fan opinion, some of us here at CelebMix think OMG should be Little Mix’s next single.

Ever since Leigh-Anne Pinnock let slip on twitter that Little Mix may or may not be filming a new music video, Mixers have been having heated discussions over which song off of the girl’s most recent album “Get Weird” will be the next single.

From what we can work out, there seems to be four popular options among fans: Weird People, I Won’t, Lightning, and OMG. Our Twitter poll earlier to find out your opinions went well, but the results were inconclusive to say the least, with fan-favourite Grown also being thrown into the mix.

While most fans sided with Lightning, we’re not sure how well that would work on radio…a remix maybe? Either way, that brings us on to our first reason why OMG could be the next chart topper from the Little Mix girls.

It would suit radio

With a certain catchiness which echoes the Spice Girls’ Wannabe, OMG would be perfect  to chant along to in the car. What it lacks in lyrics, it makes up for in attitude. With the levels of sass so high, you just can’t help but flip your hair and sing loudly (and sometimes off key) when it comes on.

Also, summer is just around the corner and OMG has the makings of a summertime hit. It has the beat and, most importantly, the fun!

It’s amazing live

To be honest, we could say this about every Little Mix song. Whether it’s their heart wrenching ballad Secret Love Song or their chart topping dance single Black Magic, every Little Mix song is performed flawlessly.  We’re not sure whether it’s the glitzy costumes, the epic dance routine, or the funky rabbit heads (let’s be real, it’s the rabbit heads) but we love the way OMG is performed by the fantastic foursome on their Get Weird Tour!

So many ideas for the music video

While the music video has obviously already been filmed, we can’t help but think of our own ideas for what it could be! Little Mix in cheerleader outfits anyone?

Differing opinions

We know this isn’t the leading single choice amongst the fans, but we aren’t completely alone, many fans agree with us.

Some wondering whether Little Mix/Little Mix’s management will realise how incredible it would be:

Other’s giving Little Mix an ultimatum:

All the while other fans are asking the real questions:

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with us? Or are we completely wrong? Either way we would love to hear it! Leave a comment below or drop us a tweet @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix