One Direction’s BBC Radio 1 Christmas Show

Merry Christmas One Direction fans!  Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall just gave their fans a special Christmas present by hosting a BBC Radio 1 Christmas Show!

The show was focused on interviews with each of the boys where we heard their favorite Christmas songs, favorite number ones, and songs they had a proper obsession with!

Liam started the show by saying the Christmas song that’s his most favorite is White Christmas – Bing Crosby.  Liam mentioned how his family used to go out with a Curry but now that he’s got his own home they cook a meal in and never leave out the Jameson and turkey.  Liam also made fun of his sister for bringing the gravy after everyone else cooked a big meal!  He remembers a Christmas where he went to Disneyland as well – he’s never taken part in overly traditional Christmas celebrations.

Liam also says his all time favorite number 1 of all time was Angels by Robbie Williams – it was his go to karaoke song.  We’re still waiting for Liam to show up at our local Applebee’s for a jam.

Liam brought up his love for Oasis – even though he says “they completely dissed us the other day in the press…nice to diss your fans sometimes innit”.  Liam has always been a huge fan of Oasis and you can tell the comment wasn’t exactly something that sat easy with him – but alas, it’s Christmas and the lad says sometimes things are just said without being thought of first!  He still credits them for leading him to a path of singing.  What a sweetheart.

Liam was asked what he would like for Christmas but he says to him the holiday is more about giving now and when he thought on it – he realizes that it’s sort of been like that forever.

Liam ended his Christmas song list with a banger he can’t stop listening to right now – Hotline Bling – Drake.

We think that’s entirely fitting. 

Niall was next and he spoke about his Christmas day ritual too.  The night before everyone goes out for a few pints – would we expect any less?  He says the next day you wake up, open presents, eat yourself into a coma and nap away for the rest of the day!  When asked what he needs, because he’s got all the Benjamins – which caused a nice laugh – Niall says he likes anything but he’s a man of funky socks.

Niall says he gets cabin fever after about two days and mentioned that it’s the same during the holidays and after tour – “You get so excited to go home in your own bed and after two days it’s like when are we going back out, time to go.”

So about that long hiatus everyone keeps telling us about…

Niall’s favorite number one is Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon and it won’t ever get old to him.  We have go agree, Sex on Fire is a banger!  He also went to say his all time favorite band is The Eagles and when the interviewer mentioned to Niall that Liam choose the same band he was offended by it because he only knows two of their songs.

The song Niall has most recently been properly obsessed with is Hello – Adele.  “It just came in and smashed us all in the face”, Niall says of the tune…we agree.

Louis was the next member on the segment!

Louis started out by telling us the song it wouldn’t be Christmas without for him is All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey.

What a classic – we have to admit we listen to this one over and over on Christmas day!  Now we just picture Louis’ Christmas day with that song in the background and our hearts have melted a little – or a lot.

Louis went on to say his favorite number one ever is Bonkers – Dizzee Rascal because he threw a house party and that was the song playing during the peak of it and it always reminds him of that time.  Even if it is a bit out of his “normal genre” of music.

Louis’ all time favorite band is Green Day and said he got a live DVD from them when he was younger and he said it was something that was inspiring and influential to him.  Louis says Green Day’s best track has got to be Basketcase because it’s a bit different.

Harry took over next!

He started by saying it was impossible to pick one favorite band of all time so he choose three – Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles.  The album he goes back to over and over is Rumors and the his favorite track would have to be Songbird.  

Harry’s all time number one would be Thinking Out Loud -Ed Sheeran because it’s a very personal song to him.  Harry says that he bought Ed a guitar for Christmas and it’s one of the first songs he wrote on it.

If we look back at music over the last decade – this song stands out to us over many also!

Harry says he used to be the first awake but now he sleeps in!  He also isn’t much of a chocolate guy stating that he’s had some problems with chocolate coins in the past.  Harry says he’s currently taking a chocolate coin sabbatical and he’ll let us all know when he’s back from it. Cheeky. 

…we’ll just leave that there and move along.

Harry’s go to Christmas song is Fairytale of New York – The Pogues which is fitting for his eclectic spirit.

Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall admitted that their favorite One Direction song is What Makes You Beautiful at the end of their time on the Christmas Show and once again; we’ll agree – What Makes You Beautiful isn’t a song we ever see ourselves getting over either.

Merry Christmas to the lads of One Direction, their fans, and all of our readers here at @CelebMix!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.