One Direction Fans Back Louis Tomlinson with #ProjectHoldOn

When news broke on December 9th of Johannah Deakin’s untimely passing after a courageous battle with leukemia, fans of One Direction began sending love and support to Louis Tomlinson on social media. From Tweets to posts on Tumblr; the messages reached Louis who spoke out and thanked his fans after his performance of ‘Just Hold on’ during Saturday’s X Factor live show with Steve Aoki.

‘Just Hold On’ was released on iTunes just hours before the performance which was done to honor Louis’ mom. Sources state that Johannah was looking forward to watching Louis perform the tune on the same stage that changed his life. While she may not have been front row center for this one, she had the best view in the place. In a humble moment after the performance was finished, Steve stood to the side of Louis as Louis blew a kiss up to his mother, their strong bond will never be broken.

Since the song’s debut and the first live performance; ‘Just Hold On’ has gone to number 1 in over 36 countries; including both Louis and Steve’s home countries. Steve has been promoting the song on his own social media while hailing Louis a hero and a vision of strength; both of which are true. The song made it to Most Requested Live on the night of the performance and Ultra Music is spreading the word; everyone is on a mission to get this song to the top. Not only is the song done in homage of Johannah, but it’s Louis’ first song outside of One Direction, and quite frankly – it’s a tune.

One Direction fans, however, want to do more than just get the song to number one; they want to honor Jay in the process. For this reason, there’s a project on Twitter starting today! Each day correlates with a hashtag and a charity drive. The charities are ones that Johannah and Louis worked closely with and fans are encouraged to spread the word about the organizations and donate to the appropriate one each day. Fans also included the Aoki Foundation which is run by Steve and aims to ‘save the brain’.

There’s also a thunderclap that you can sign up for now that rolls out on Wednesday, December 14th; this will get the hashtag #BuyJustHoldOn out with thousands of accounts at once and likely get it trending.

From Project Just Hold On’s Tumblr:
Day 1 (December 12): Eden Dora Trust #ProjectJustHoldOnEdenDora
Day 2 (December 13): Believe in Magic #ProjectJustHoldOnBMI
Day 3 (December 14): #BuyJustHoldOn (This day the Thunderclap campaign will roll out, so the ultimate goal is to get excitement for the song and the hashtag trending.)
Day 4 (December 15): Leukemia awareness #ProjectJustHoldOnLeukemiaAwareness
Day 5 (December 16) : Aoki Foundation #ProjectJustHoldOnAokiFoundation

You don’t have to wait for a specific day to show your support for the tune. You’re encouraged to buy Just Hold On, by visiting iTunes, stream the song on Spotify and follow the official Tumblr account of the project to keep up to date with new information.

Please visit the charity pages for each of the drives for Louis’ birthday and in honor of Johannah at their respective links here: Eden Dora Trust, Believe in Magic, and Bloodwise.

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Written by Ashley

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