One Direction fans want to get the new album to number one

One Direction fandom join forces again to get the four lads on the lead.

We’ve come across with the project the One Direction fans are joining to get the boys upcoming album to N°1 in the charts.

This brilliant idea was created by many of the group “Update Accounts” in Twitter.

This group of fans are the ones that everyday keep this massive fandom on the loop with Niall,Louis,Harry and Liam activities.

This time around they have decided to join efforts to create a huge project that will promote the boys ‘Made In The AM’ album.

This project goes by the hashtag #1DMITAMPROMO and in their Twitter account you will find all the info you need to help spread the world and make the boys album a huge hit.

With over 6K followers on Twitter and 1K on Instagram things are looking good for this devoted fandom.One Direction fans won't stop at nothing to get the new album to N°1 1

One of the project main idea is to spam everyone and everywhere with a flyer that contains the QR code to pre order

‘Made In the AM’One Direction fans won't stop at nothing to get the new album to N°1 2             Looking good boys!


One Direction fans get excited now because this group of fans will reward you if you join the project.

There will be competitions consisting on simple tasks such as printing the flyer and post it around, making a sign to take to one of the remaining OTRA Shows, create fan art for their different platforms.

If you are one of the lucky winners you could win different prizes including the album ultimate fan edition!

We think the boys are lucky to have such a dedicated fan base that will stop at nothing to make sure that ,when they go on their break, they leave with album on the top of the world music charts.

Here’s the link for the project page for you to join and promote as a pro!

Written by CelebMix