Harvey Hext appeal. Pictured, Harvey Hext, aged five, who needs lifesaving treatment. Date: 01/05/2012 Photographer: Gavin Crilly/Staff. Reporter: Dom Harris Copyright: Northcliffe Media Ltd.

One Direction NDA Host Charity Drive in Honor of Harvey Hext

It seems like there’s not a day that goes by where one can miss the kindness of Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall and their incredible fan base.  There are constantly a number of charity drives going on, tweets from the lads about initiatives they’re involved with, and start up projects from the fans themselves that benefit causes that are close to the hearts of those they look up to.

One of the strongest parts of the One Direction fandom exists in One Direction NDA.  Not only do they strive to make the fandom a safer place for everyone, they are behind numerous charity drives a year that reflect involvement from the boys and also self-made drives to show love and respect for the members of the band and those close to them.  We brought you more about One Direction NDA in a post recently, their place in the fan base is extremely important – they even won the Extra Smile award in 2015 from the CyberSmile Foundation, fans of One Direction are lucky to have them.

In another show of support for the boys, Louis specifically, and how they work to unite a fan base – One Direction NDA organized a charity drive for Solving Kids Cancer in honor and remembrance of Harvey Hext.

Harvey’s story is one that will bring a tear to your eyes and a lot of love to your heart, his spirit and kindness are still felt through the lives he touched during his short stay on earth.  Harvey earned his angel wings in 2015 after a long battle with Neuroblastoma but some of his last months were made incredibly special because of Louis Tomlinson and his mom Johannah who made lasting memories for Harvey’s family that they can look back on with fond appreciation.

For Harvey’s birthday, July 30th, Harvey’s mom suggested Solving Kids Cancer as the recipient for donations made in honor of her son.  Part of Solving Kids Cancer’s mission statement shows how important each donation to the charity is.

“Solving Kids’ Cancer helps accelerate new, next-generation treatments, including immunotherapy, cancer vaccines, and new drugs by applying an understanding of the entire childhood cancer research landscape to wisely invest in innovative projects.”

Too many children every year lose their lives to cancer and with funds and awareness raised, the hope is that one day, no more lives will be taken away by the debilitating types of childhood cancer – what an incredible world that would be.

To help make this possible please check out One Direction NDA’s charity drive and Twitter account for more information and updates.

Another way you can get involved to helping Harvey’s legacy live on is through an initiative being born at the suggestion of his twin brother and his mom.

The hardest part of losing Harvey has been the effect it had on his siblings.  His twin brother Spencer and older sister Olivia not only lost a sibling, they lost their best friend and companion.  Harvey’s smile has touched our hearts here at CelebMix and we never even met him, imagine the loss felt by those who loved him, it’s indescribable.  Because of the impact of the loss felt by his siblings, Sarah – Harvey’s mom – started an initiative that would make the transition into life after the loss of a brother or sister a little bit easier.

A Siblings Wish was born in 2016 and since the word first began to spread, fans of One Direction have taken to social media to support the charity as it begins and to spread it’s message to those all across the world.  The mission of A Siblings Wish is to provide siblings with bereavement boxes after the loss of a loved one.  These boxes will hold special memories for the family left behind in a way that is made personal for every child, true to who they were and will always be to those who loved them.

For a family who suffered an indescribable loss less than a year ago, they’ve made it a mission to help other families going through the same pain understand that they are not alone and providing them with love and compassion.  In true fashion of a fan of One Direction, those who look up to Louis and the other lads have also made it their mission to support both charity drives and spread love and kindness in Harvey’s honor as well.

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