One Direction as Pokemon!

The boys of One Direction don’t hide their Pokémon loving side and while we’re sure that each member has at least once done a personality quiz to find out just which Pokémon they are, we’ve gone deep into research and studied various Pokémon just to finally find out the truth.

One Direction as Pokemon! 7

You may remember that they did a series of Pokémon Tour Diaries back when they were doing the X Factor Tour, and somehow ended up playing football with Pikachu, Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy, racing them and even writing a song about the beloved creatures.


So in case you were wondering, we’ve spent hours on researching Pokémon (which, get ready for this mind-blowing fact, stands for Pocket Monsters), their characteristics and behavior, and we’ve added that up with our general memory of the show.

So, without further ado we present to you which Pokémon are the members of 1D.


Niall is Togepi.

If we were to name things we’re most certain of, it would be that water is wet, 1D is coming back after their break, and that Niall is Togepi. We all remember Misty’s lovable little Pokémon from the first series, and there’s just something about her that seems to be the embodiment of happiness, innocence, and all things good. Togepi was a champion when it came to socialising and making new friends, and she could easily fit into any situation.

One Direction as Pokemon! 2

Don’t let its charming personality fool you though, this little childish Pokémon had an eye for mischief, which was why Pikachu would often have to follow her into dangerous situations, and as a result Togepi would be walking out unharmed.  We wish we could say the same for Pikachu. However, Togepi means no harm, and to prove it we have the fact that, once it evolved into Togetic, she took it upon herself to become the protector of the Togepi paradise, which shows her brave and heroic side.


Louis is Squirtle.

One of the most difficult decisions we’ve had to make in our lives, is whether Louis is a Squirtle or an Arcanine. While both fit the oldest member of 1D pretty well, Squirtle just is Louis in every way imaginable. The Pokémon is known for being a prankster, the mischievous and silly one, the one that brings joy to the group.

One Direction as Pokemon! 3

He is loud and he is a leader, just like Louis. What many may remember about Squirtle is that he was initially the leader of the Squirtle Squad, a group of five Suqirtle’s (sounds like a certain boyband we know) that were going around and pulling pranks on everything and everyone, and generally just enjoying life. Another major reason why we picked Squirtle to be Louis’ spirit Pokémon is his friendship with Bulbasaur, which is pretty adorable, since Bulbasaur is the polar opposite of his best friend.

If you need more evidence that Tommo is indeed a Squirtle, take a look at a pre-fame pic of Louis compared to a Squirtle.

One Direction as Pokemon! 5


Liam is Bulbasaur.

You probably remember Bulbasaur as one of Ash’s more mature Pokémon. He was always seen as a bit more serious of the group, and generally he was a goodie-goodie. This grass type is actually very loyal, which is why it came as a surprise when he once thought that Ash abandoned them in Island of Giant Pokémon. However, it’s tight friendship with other Pokémon (mainly Squirtle) is evidence enough to prove his loyalty.

One Direction as Pokemon! 4

Despite being a goodie, Bulbasaur has proved many times that he is an amazing fighter, especially when challenged. His fighting abilities are nothing compared to his big heart though, and he may seem like the Pokémon who’ll fight first and ask questions later, but he’s actually more of the type to avoid conflict and sit down with you over a cup of tea, telling you that there’s no need for violence.

Bulbasaur does have an immature side to him, but it’s mainly when he’s with his best friend. He tends to follow Squirtle into any trouble or mischief that he can, and during this ride Squirtle is able to bring out a childlike side of Bulbasaur that we don’t often get to see. In return, Bulbasaur makes Squirtle realise that you have to be mature and serious about some things in life. You could say that Squirtle brings out the best in Bulbasaur, as does Bulbasaur with Squirtle. Remind you of any 1D bromance?

louis tomlinson liam payne lilo

One Direction as Pokemon! 6


Harry is Turtwig

The frustrating thing about finding Harry’s Pokémon match is that there aren’t many Pokémon which, personality wise, matched him, and the ones that we looked into somewhat matched him, but not completely. Looking at him, you may say that he’s a Rapidash, but the fire type horse’s behaviour and personality is just way too different from Harry’s. So we were at a loss, until we thought of the always cheerful Turtwig.

One Direction as Pokemon! 8

This is a very affectionate Pokémon, and it often proved this by latching onto Ash’s head. He is also extremely caring for others, you would often find him taking care of sick or injured Pokémon, trying to hold peace within the group, and breaking off any fights that might appear. The well mannered Pokémon is quite relaxed about most situations, but fairly stubborn in the sense that it does not give up easily.

Turtwig is the type who would probably put other’s well-being in front of their own, it cares deeply for others and is always around when you need help.

To sum it all up, we’re going to show you some fanart of One Direction members as Pokémon trainers, as done by a young artist Christina.

One Direction as Pokemon! 9


So what do you think about this? Do you like our pick? Have we chosen the best Pokémon or do you have other suggestions? Let us know at CelebMix and CelebMix1D!

Written by Azra

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