One Direction talk Fabulous

Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall have been giving a number of interviews for press for their Made In The A.M album set to be released on November 13th.

One of the most anticipated interviews was the one the boys gave for Fabulous Magazine.  One by one, the collector covers of the issue were released and each showed an incredible photo of the boys – one cover had them all pieced together while the other four were solo – alongside a quote they’d given in the interview.

What made these quotes different was how personal they were; these seemed to stem from questions that weren’t the usual ‘bubblegum’ type the lads are usually asked.  While it’s to be expected that those types of questions would still be in the interview, it was nice to see that they’d asked things that went deeper than what most people give the boys credit for being able to answer.

One Direction talk Fabulous 1Louis: “Zayn leaving was really hard.”

One Direction talk Fabulous 5Harry: “Only we know what we’ve been through.”

One Direction talk Fabulous 2Liam: “We need a break, but it’s not over.”

One Direction talk Fabulous 3Niall: “I’ll get a tattoo to remind me of the boys.”

It was also important that an interview that seemed to ask more personal questions and would likely leave a lasting impact was done right before they take their hiatus; giving fans a bit to hold on to before the break truly begins.  It set the stage to allow fans insight into what Liam, Niall, Harry, and Louis have been through in their own words – giving us the chance to see just a glimpse into the lives they’ve led this far and hopefully in the same breath – allowing fans to appreciate them more in their absence.

Harry’s magazine cover was perhaps the most honest statement made by the lads, on the covers and through the interview itself.  Truly, outside of the four lads we see as heroes, none of us know the intricate details of what they’ve experienced.  We don’t know the things they’ve had to keep hidden, the ones we were shown that weren’t true; we have an idea and we’ve supported the lads through it, but we never had to feel it to the extent that they did.  It can be said for a fact that these boys have existed in the darkest conditions with more grace than most of us contain in our pinky fingers.

They are truly boys worthy of the term “idol.”

The article itself was released today and although it was nice, it still wasn’t the deep interview fans have all been waiting for.  There were a series of questions they always get asked about that they answered in good measure and the interviewer did say that the lads were all very comfortable together and if there were signs of feuds or discomfort between members; it wasn’t picked up – disputing an earlier rumor posted by a journalist who claims inside information has told him fighting between Louis and Harry will inevitably tear the band apart.

The journalist also made a point to mention that any questions about the baby rumors or the cancelled Belfast gig would have taken time away from them and Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam as they were blacklisted topics.  Call us crazy but it all just keeps adding to the theories going around that there really isn’t a baby situation involving Louis at all and that the Belfast gig being cancelled was a bit more than a sour stomach.

As Harry said, no one knows what they’ve been through and they deserve their privacy to navigate the tough times – it’s not a fan/journalists job to intrude on that.

Louis begins the interview by saying that they’re actually quite boring.

“We’re quite disappointing really.  None of us are very hight maintenance – we’re not into flash cars and expensive jewelry.  We’re still those boys who can’t believe this happened.”

This is an important note to begin the interview on as it shows just how humble they’ve remained in a place where most people lose their heads and where rumors fly that they’ve grown into selfish individuals who would do anything for a dollar; such as Harry being willing to prey on the LGBTQ+ community to annoy Louis or Liam being bossy and big headed. The boys still just see themselves as a lucky group of people who get to chase their dreams and have the most incredible fans in the world to go along with them.

Although the topic of the baby and Louis was blacklisted – there is a lovely picture of Briana in the magazine and the journalist still touches on it in their piece anyway – further proving that no matter how many times they get absolutely no feedback directly from the boys – the money making topics will still be brought into the light in one way or another.

Liam is quick to remind readers, the interviewers, and their biggest fans that this is not over.  Using a quote about tea becoming stronger when introduced to heat he says that the boys have been burned; but it’s only made them more invincible.  They aren’t ready to end this here but they have to hit pause so that they can take it all in, live a little bit, and then come back to this and to us as better rested, more alive versions of themselves.  They’re running on empty and it’s not fair to keep them up with the impossible set of demands they’ve had to meet for the last five years – all without complaint, all without stopping.

They thank fans for not giving up and thinking this is over, but they’re the ones truly deserving of praise for not walking away a long time ago saying “This is enough”.

The topic of Zayn leaving is brought up and Louis admits that it was really hard but they saw signs through gigs before it happened and that it was a sad time.  Harry steps in to say that it really made them bond together closer though.

“One thing that was good is that it made us really bond.  It made us look at what we had and really know we wanted to keep it.  It also made us really focus on making the best album we could.  You go through so much together as a band that no one really understands, but ultimately it just makes you closer.”

Liam steps in again with a quote that showcases their large hearts when he says “We can’t ever really sit here and moan, can we?  I mean look at our lives, what we’ve done in the last 5 years is amazing”.

Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry still think – regardless of the lows they’ve experienced together this year – that their lives are incredible and they’re so thankful to be where they are.

They truly are the most humble, beautiful, and incredible group of young men.

The boys talk about how they cope with fame; Harry meditates and focuses on fitness while Liam spends time away from the craziness of his stardom and the city in a country home.  Niall has made friends with athletes and spends his time playing sports and relaxing while Louis admits that he’s generally lazy.  He gives readers an image in our heads of where we’ll undoubtedly see him soon – with a big belly.  We think it’d be cute to see Louis’ little tummy make a come back, much better than a sunken in stressed out version we’ve seen hints of in the past.

Niall also tells readers to expect to see him with a new addition to his body; the only member of the band right now who doesn’t have a tattoo plans to get one to keep the boys close when he’s backpacking with friends during their hiatus.  It’s certain that they’ll still find time to spend together during their break but having some time out of the spotlight also means having some time away from each other and that is a foreign concept to lads who have spent 99% of the last 5 years together.

All in all; fans were pleased with this interview.  Is there still room to grow?  Absolutely!  There are questions fans are dying to hear the boys answer but the lack of questions involving girls, what they like for their ladies to wear, and about the baby/feuds/angling the interview as a sure last one before One Direction ceases to exist was a nice break from what fans have been given lately.

It’s impossible to miss how important music, each other, and the fans are to Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis.  If anything; their bond and the strength of the fans have been what got them through one of the most trying years of their lives.

Made In The A.M comes out on Friday the 13th, the boys have press/events in November and December and then it’s see you soon for fans as the boys split into their own little worlds and explore a bit of what they’ve been missing out on.

It’s nice to see the fans being so supportive instead of frantic; seeing them welcome the break for the health of the boys and promising them – as they promise the fans – that when the lights on those stages come back on and the beat to one of their title tracks begins to play through the speakers that the fans will still be there too.  Only this time with more thankful hearts because absence makes the heart grow fonder.  There will undoubetedly be tears, cheers, and an overwhelming gratitude from the boys and fans alike.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.