One Direction’s Perfect about Taylor Swift?

If you haven’t heard that One Direction’s new single Perfect is coming out on the 16th of October, you must have been living under a rock. This Friday, the new single from their upcoming album Made in the A.M. is finally released. Fans are eagerly awaiting the single to drop, but the rumour mill hasn’t stopped turning since – did Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson really write it together? What will it sound like? And, most importantly, the song was described as an ironic love song. Who could it possibly be about?

Make sure you’re sitting down, darlings, and hold on to your seats, because The Mirror had an answer to that last question. According to them, Perfect has a few references towards his involvement with Taylor Swift back in the day. After Taylor’s album 1989 was basically a dedication to her fling with Harry that lasted from the end of 2012 until January 13, the Mirror is claiming that Harry is finally writing a song about their involvement himself.

With Louis, apparently. Take from that what you will.

We’re not sure what to believe just yet, and we’ll find out this coming Friday, but you best believe that we’re on the edge of our seats. The weekend can’t come soon enough this time around.

Written by CelebMix