One In The Chamber Music – Headstones

One In The Chamber Music is the new acoustic album by the Headstones, an idea born out of a one off unplugged gig played for 20 fans in December 2013 which was a perk from the PledgeMusic campaign for Love & Fury, after this event the band were bombarded with requests for them to release an album of the songs played that night.

Not wanting this album to just be an unplugged venture the band went back over their back catalogue and took a selection of songs that were then stripped back to the bare bones, remastered and rearranged using such instruments as violins, upright basses, acoustic guitars, mandolins and even glockenspiels (yes you read that right glockenspiels).

The results are 14 truly exceptional songs 12 pre-released and 2 new they are cinematic, you can’t help but to relate to these new tunes in someway and they will leave you running tiny snap shots of time through your head, and will I have no doubt have film studio bosses banging down the band’s door asking to use them in a variety of projects in the future.

This album is an outstanding piece of work from Hugh Dillon, Trent Carr, Tim White and Dale Harrison who’s punk/rock roots have served them well over the years and it’s a must for any fan and even if you haven’t heard of the Headstones before it’s an awesome place to start your love affair with this band.

Colourless is the first release off this new album.


Written by CelebMix