HEADSTONES New Single “FUCK IT” Released on VINYL

19th October will go down as the day that the Headstones have made good on a promise they made to fans back in December 2013 at the game changing unplugged gig that they would release some new material on vinyl.

And here it is “Fuck It” is the A-side of a 12″ limited collectors edition and is available for pre-sale via the Headstones official website and the Pledge Music website and with only 300 copies available fans will need to be quick to secure a copy or two.


This new song is a real turn back to the phenomenon and era that was punk, and is something I could have seen The Clash or Ramones releasing in their day, and is probably why I loved it from the first second I heard it all those memories of my mis-spent youth in London skipping school to go and hang out at the Roundhouse and Brixton Sound Academy.

It really is a ear worm and once you’ve heard it you’re hooked and like back in the day will have fans doing the pogo again all over the place and new younger fans doing it for the first time.

Click on the link and have a little listen http://headstonesband.com/


On the B side is another new song One By One which has a real treat of Trent Carr playing a mean slide guitar, this along with Dillon’s gritty and slighty snarling vocals make this song a little more raw and follows closely in the tracks of Farawayfromhere and Longwaytoneverland as strong true rock and roll songs, that adds to the backbone of the solid catalogue this band already has.

You can purchase through either of the links below:



And for those who don’t own a turntable I have been told there will be a digital download so no one needs to miss out on owning these two exception songs.

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Written by Karon Hagon

Love all types of music but mainly punk rock and roll.....nothing better then live gigs.....I also play the drums.