One To Watch: Ziggy Alberts

Australian singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts teaches us to search for the light in the darkness in a brand new album, ‘DANCING IN THE DARK’. Alberts focuses on creating stories that he hopes will “lift you up and keep you together even when tides of change encourage us to do the opposite.”

Albert’s sixth record, ’DANCING IN THE DARK’ illustrates the hope, positivity, and beauty that can still be found all around the world. Listening to ‘DANCING IN THE DARK’, you feel the radiating warmth from ‘CAMPFIRE’, you will feel the heavy mournfulness on ‘I’M SORRY’, ‘I BELIEVE’ and ‘THE GREAT DIVDE’ will fill you with glowing hopefulness. An album filled with raw inspiring emotion.

Speaking about where he got his influences for the album, Ziggy explains, “the very first inspiration for DANCING IN THE DARK came to me on a plane in 2020. I had not even yet finished searching for freedom, but through creating that album, I started dreaming about where I would like to go next. I wanted to embark on an exploration of what I call ‘future folk’: time codes, antidotes to dissonance, new soundscapes & topics, tuned backing vocals, and synth bass, all intertwined in a folk foundation. I didn’t expect the added Latin influence in some tracks, which is the beauty of letting an album grow and change along the way”.

Ziggy Alberts’ offering comes at a time when people need it most. Take this album and hold onto it with both hands, as it helps you travel through any dark journeys you may face.

Listen to the full album below:

Written by Emma

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