An Open Letter to HomeTown: Thank You

Thank you for the past three years, and good luck for the future.

Over the past three years, you’ve been nothing but consistent. Even in your final months, you were still as active as you could be. It’s with a heavy heart that we know now that you are no longer the band we’ve come to adore. But we know that all good things do come to an end.

From the infamous daily tweet sprees, to the meet ups on The Vamps tour that you did off your own backs. You were always giving, and perhaps that’s why you were so loved in your own little way.

What made you different to the average boyband off the block was that individually you brought something different. Cian, you brought the distinctive high notes that, in both the studio and in a live arena, made you stand out. Dayl, you were always the one that could dance better than the rest of the band. No offense. Dean, along with your insane vocals, you always had the crowd going. Brendan, you were the one that made the girls scream with your soft tone. Ryan, you held the band together vocally. And finally, Josh, your consistency in delivering solos never failed.

Your individual attributes brought the band together, and it’s all the little things that made you different. And it’s what people are going to remember you by for years to come.

People are going to struggle to forget the chant during the first two verses of The Night We Met, or the arm waves in Cry for Help.

It goes without saying that your best moments were when you were on stage. It didn’t matter even if it was a headline gig of yours, or if it was a string of concerts that you were supporting on. As soon as you hit the stage you had the crowd moving. Your aura made people actually look you up and become fans.

HomeTown is going to be the band people are never going to get over; the band that had everything going for them. Even as individuals you’ve got everything going for you, too.

You’ve always put fans first, and always tried your best to meet everyone. When you supported The Vamps in March and April this year you organised a string of meet ups off your own back. The Vamps didn’t organise them, and management didn’t organise them either. You made the effort to meet new and old fans. You tried your best to meet everyone despite the circumstances that sometime’s prevented you from doing so.

Boybands typically get bored of meeting fans, and slowly lose interest from the whole band thing. For 3/4 of being a band, you tweeted fans every day. You took 10-15 minutes out of your days to see how fans were doing by replying, retweeting and favoriting their tweets. In your final days, you still did that when you could.

HomeTown set a new bar for fan interaction, and that’s another thing that made you different.

All six of you deserve success in wherever life takes you next. Whether that’s a soloist or if you become something completely different. Along with success, you deserve happiness. You deserve to love what you’re doing, and you deserve to be supported in that, too.

You’re going to be in the hearts of so many people for a long time, if not the rest of their lives. Even though you weren’t around for as long as we’d have hoped, you made a difference. HomeTown made people happy, and you made people laugh. Your quirky personalities made people fall in love with you instantly, and the fact you were incredible singers was the icing on the cake.

Finally, we want to truly say thank you.

Thank you for being a band we are never going to forget. Thank you for the amazing music, and thank you for the faultless performances. When you performed your first headline gig at Vicar Street back in 2015, you put your all into it, and it goes down as one of the best gigs we’ve ever been to. Thank you for the live streams and tweet sprees. Most of the time the video lagged and sometimes it didn’t even work, but when they eventually did work they were memorable. Thank you for always trying, because even trying and perseverance is something we don’t see often. Finally, thank you for the memories that are going to stick with us forever. Even though you were together for not as long as we’d have hoped, we have memories that are going to be something we will look back on for years to come.

It’s the end of an era, but just know that HomeTown will always have a place in our hearts.

Thank you, and good luck for the future.

Written by CelebMix