‘Orange is the New Black’ reveals first glimpse of season five

Talk about a big bang.

That is all viewers are left with in the latest teaser for the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black.

The minute-long clip dramatically opens with Daya pointing a gun at the head of corrections officer Thomas Humphrey. As prisoners surround the pair, everyone is encouraging her to follow through and kill him.

“We are laying low and we’re staying out of trouble,” Piper says to Alex.

“That’s right,” Alex responds. “If this is trouble, we turn around and we walk the other way. We are out of the business.” That is, until they realize what is currently happening. Piper questions if the uproar is actually real and if it is a step forward or backward regarding equality.

She then manages to escort Piper away from the scene as Daya remains facing the pistol at Humphrey, demanding quiet. The screen fades to black as a gunshot is heard going off.

Season five begins where four left off. Litchfield is complete insanity after a riot breaks out due to Poussey’s death and the grief the inmates are left to suffer with.

Did Daya pull the trigger on Humphrey? Tune in June 9 when OITNB returns to Netflix.

You can watch the official trailer below.

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Written by Cayla Masters

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