Our five favourite unreleased Lady Gaga songs

Lady Gaga’s famous for hits like Born this Way and Bad Romance, but there are a few more tracks you may not be aware of. Here, we count down our top five Lady Gaga unreleased demos – aka, songs she recorded but never added to an album or released.

5. Brooklyn Nights

An ARTPOP demo, ‘Nights’ encapsulates everything we love about Gaga. It’s pop and a little bit more.

This track was rumoured to feature on Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP ACT II’ album, but it eventually leaked.

4. Rock Show

Rock Show is dark, mysterious and everything we love about Lady G.


3. Nothing On (But the Radio)

Although never released officially, Nothing On is classic Gaga and sounds familiar upon first listen.

2. Earthquake

Part of this track was eventually recycled into Gaga’s Fashion of His Love, but this demo is a corker in itself.

1. No Way

A classic song if ever there was one, No Way tells the heartbreak of seeing your lover cheat on you. The fact this was never released is criminal!

Written by CelebMix