OUT NOW: Allegra shares new music for ‘Amazing’

The first thought that comes to mind after watching the new music video ‘Amazing’ by the London-based rising star Allegra is, “where is my invite?”. The end-of-the-year party anthem is timeless and carries a dance-floor-filling force more than anything. 

The Mallorcan picturesque views and the crystal clear seaside paint a breathtaking canvas for the ‘Amazing’ escapades. Alongside her entourage, she calls out, “who needs a special occasion” as they celebrate the current moment. 

Radiating with chart-topping vibrations, Allegra hits the nail on the head by elevating her signature sound with warm electronica and her angelic synths. Previously, Allegra hit top 2 chart positions, being put up against her own idols, such as Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, and Ella Handerson. 

Following her latest single, ‘He Ain’t You,’ Allegra switched back to upbeat soundscapes and uplifting messaging that will see us until the end of the year. With each release, Allegra peels off a new layer of her artistry, shaping her into a one-to-watch star. 

You can watch the ‘Amazing’ music video below:


Written by Emma

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