Over a million celebrated this year’s Pride Parade!

Sunday oversaw a million people pack in the streets of London to celebrate the annual LGBT London Pride Parade. The week long arts festival concluded on the 28th, with the parade marking the last main event. The march ran from Baker Street to Whitehall, via Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square; with the theme this year being ‘Pride Heroes’.

The parade came the day after America’s Supreme Court deemed marriage equality available in every state; an enormous progression for the LGBT community. Social media websites such as Facebook, invited you to transform your profile pictures multicoloured in recognition and support of such a monuments change.

Many London shops and streets decked their front windows out with multicoloured flags and #LoveWins signs. The amount of support shown from any and every kind of person was overwhelming to witness.

Throughout the day there were also a variety of things to engage in all across London, whilst the parade was progressions through the streets. There were three stages: Pride in Trafalgar Square (artists that performed included: BLUE, Collabro and Rebecca Ferguson), the Women’s Stage and the Cabaret Stage (which oversaw a whole host of musical acts including finalists of Pride’s Got Talent.)

This year’s Pride marked such significant achievements made, that the celebrations were really in full swing and the happiness in the atmosphere was simply contagious.

Written by CelebMix