Paloma Faith talks The Voice: “People will enjoy me”

Did you know much about the show before you joined?
I was aware of it but I don’t watch television, so I didn’t know too much about it. I also had my own preconceived perceptions of these types of shows. I didn’t believe a TV show would cultivate the creativity that it actually does. The only bad part, format-wise, is having to get rid of people. It’s really difficult. I’ve got an extremely talented team. That will teach me for being greedy! They are all misfits and I can’t even contemplate losing any of them.

How are you different from previous female coaches on The Voice UK?
I don’t like female comparison. I feel every human being is different regardless of gender and I’d like people to compare me to Tom Jones as well. I think I wear better skirts than Tom!

What type of coach are you?
I think I am quite nurturing but I am also quite upfront about my thoughts on stuff. I am pretty clear about my feelings on life. I’m direct but I hope no one takes offence. No one has so far!

Was there a particular type of voice you knew you would push your button for?
All along I always wanted to have a very different diverse group of voices that would reflect my musical tastes. I knew I wanted some soul, I wanted some rock voices and some more indie stuff. That’s what I listen to so I went for that. But when it gets down to my final three, that’s when it gets really difficult. I am going to pick who I like, not who I think the British public might like. I think the British public might be quite surprised what I do, I don’t go for the obvious. I go for people who speak to me emotionally more than who the best singers are. I think what makes me different from other coaches, and George too because we talk a lot. I don’t care if someone’s pitchy, it doesn’t bother me because I am. What’s really important is the feeling behind stuff and what people have to say. That’s what’s engaging to me.

How is it working with Boy George?
We are really similar. We text each other all the time to have a gossip. I think we come at this with similar attitudes. I look at George and think that what he has done in the past is like what I am doing now. I feel like if I was in the 80s I would have been doing the same as him, we would have been at the same clubs and things like that. He feels the most like me out of all of the coaches. He’s someone I respect a lot, he’s the type of person I would play one of my songs to and ask him what he thinks.

You’ve been friends with Ricky for a while, is it nice to have him beside you?
Yeah it’s nice to have that support and familiarity. I did already know George before the show as well, so that was nice. I’ve met will.i.am before so I wasn’t worried about joining the show.

What’s it like working with will.i.am?
I think his comments are quite funny because he’s quite futuristic but I’m quite nostalgic. Somewhere and somehow we are quite similar.

What’s the banter like between all the coaches this year?
We are all quite quick. We’re very evenly matched in wit, there’s nobody’s head anything goes over. Everyone is quick-witted and pick up on things. Ricky is pun-tastic. I think it’ll be entertaining for the audience as well as us.

Are you excited to be on television screens every Saturday night?
I think quite a lot of people will enjoy me on the telly. Most of my success has been based on television appearances. Times when I have done best have always been when I have done an interview on TV, my single will climb the charts based on a conversation I have had. I hope that says people like me and not that I am crap at singing!

Written by CelebMix