Paul Abrahamian Releases “Never Die” Music Video after Successful EP Release

Warning: Some posts may contain sensitive language

August 31st granted us with the release of Paul Abrahamian’s breathtaking EP for Van Alden. In case you missed our last article on who Abrahamian/Van Alden is and the details of his career, check it out here.

The “Van Alden” EP is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming sites. It reached 300,000 streams within two days of its release.

The EP contains five songs, including “Otherside” and “Boheme,” which were previously released, along with “Never Die,” “Sinners,” and “An(Otherside).” It went to number 87 on the Alternative charts on iTunes in one day.

The entire record lasts 15 minutes but should be played on repeat. Abrahamian’s voice is so soothing that you will not want to stop listening. It is a different side of Abrahamian that fans cannot get enough of.

On Tuesday, September 5th, he released the music video for “Never Die.”

Warning: Video contains flashing lights.

This song has received many compliments from listeners and was said to be the favorite among the fans.

The video depicts Abrahamian, by himself, in different outfits going around what appears to be L.A., where he “feels so alive.” Entirely in black and white, the video perfectly fits the song. It almost feels like he is trying to clear his head as he sings “running from the ones I love, slipping on a crooked floor.” It is simple, yet effective. 

In just one day, it has reached almost 40,000 views.

On Abrahamian’s Instagram story, a day after the EP was released, he wrote that tour dates will be announced soon, so keep an eye out for that. Until then, keep listening to the EP and keep up with him on social media.

With this EP, he didn’t come in second this time….

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