Perrie Edwards Is Nothing But Happy

Perrie Edwards is not a victim and it’s time to stop calling her like that. Since Perrie and Zayn split up over the summer, it doesn’t matter if Black Magic was number one for 3 weeks, and she was travelling the world with her three best friends to promote their third record which is becoming one of the best of the year. The ‘victim’ label had stuck. It’s a no.

But it was four months ago, why on earth are we still seeing story that portray Perrie as a victim every single day ? Despite her protestation that she’s going on with her life and doing fine, celebrity news can’t help but paint her as a poor heartbreak girl. “You know, I’m Good” said Perrie on national TV.

According to these website she can’t pull out an outfit that show a bit of skin without “showing Zayn Malik was he’s missing”. She can’t just leave her house, she has to “put on a brave face because of the lastest Z rumours.” And now that Zayn is dating Gigi Hadid, formely known as Victoria Secret Model, Perrie doesn’t even have to do something to find her name all over the internet.

Constantly attaching Perrie to these stories is just not giving her enough credit for what she and also Jade, Jesy and Leigh are. It’s not fair. There’s nothing in her behaviour and speech that show that the british girl is not moving from her past love life. In fact, she is.

The blonde beauty should be able to speak for herself. It’s been four months and it doesn’t stop. The focus is not where it should have been. The media have definitely wasted Little Mix potential and success by always making it about Perrie’s past relationship.

On a happier note, Perrie –and all the Little Mix girls don’t get me wrong, are bundles of sunshine and are so bubbly, it’s so good to witness. As our favourite girl would say, don’t worry, be hippie. Perrie you got a heart and voice of gold, it’s time to stand up for yourself !

Written by CelebMix