Photo Gallery: Daughtry in Montclair, New Jersey

On August 24th, Daughtry (Chris Daughtry, Josh Paul, Brian Craddock, Josh Steely, and Elvio Fernandes) brought the Cage To Rattle Tour to Montclair, New Jersey’s Wellmont Theater!

When Chris performs, you can tell how happy he is to be up on that stage. He even has a sense of humor, which WE LOVE! The way he talks and acts shows the crowd that he isn’t just a celebrity, he’s just like them.

It’s also never a Daughtry without some crowd interaction. Every single time we saw the band perform, Chris went into the crowd! His band also joined in on the crowd interaction and gave people some guitar picks, as well as a setlist to a lucky fan.

(A clip of Chris interacting with the crowd can be seen below.)

This show wasn’t just any show for the band though. It was Brian Craddock AND Josh Steely’s birthday! Yeah we know, it’s crazy how they were born on the same day. So to celebrate, Chris sang “Happy Birthday” to them along with the crowd.

This band never fails to make a show feel like a big family gathering, whether you know every song or just some songs. And honestly, that’s what keeps us coming back. Along with the insane live vocals and catchy songs of course!

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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