Photo Gallery: Imagine Dragons & Grace VanderWaal at Madison Square Garden in NYC

Photo Gallery: Imagine Dragons & Grace VanderWaal at Madison Square Garden in New York City

On Tuesday, June 19th, Imagine Dragons (Dan Reynolds, Ben Mckee, Wayne Sermon, and Daniel Platzman) brought the Evolve Tour to Madison Square Garden in New York City for Leg 2 of the tour. And fun fact? This was their first time playing MSG! Yeah, we’re just as shocked.

For this round, they brought Grace VanderWaal as their special guest. These two performers were the perfect match because both of them had a stage consisting of TONS of color! Grace had the most adorable floral outfit and stage setup to match while Imagine Dragons had a bunch of backdrops along with amazing lighting. Don’t worry, the proof is in the photos that you’re about to see.

Although it was the same tour continued from last year, they didn’t fail to make it entertaining and different. For one, Dan played the whole show shirtless, showing off his stunning physique. For some it might just be cool that he’s shirtless since he looks awesome. But for us, we saw it to be empowering. We can feel his freedom and confidence by choosing to wear what he did.

One of the coolest parts of the show was when the band played in the back of the arena and went into multiple parts of the crowd! Yes, off the stage and into the crowd. Usually when people do this they go to one side, but not them. We saw Dan go to both sides of of the arena and up to the stairs to get closer to fans. He even hugged one! (We’re sure he hugged a bunch more that we couldn’t spot though.)

But the best part of the show for us is always the little speech he does before singing “Demons.” It’s never the same exact speech, but the message is always there. For this show, some of what Dan said was, “Being broken does not make me weak There are many people tonight who are holding it in to themselves, not talking to their friends, their parents. Don’t hold it in. Talk to somebody. You are not broken. Your life is always worth living. Always, always, always.”

And on that note, after going to this tour twice, it’s safe to say that it is 100% worth going again. There was never a dull moment. <3 GO TO THIS SHOW. After leaving this show, yo will leave feeling strong and worth it. Even if you don’t know all of their songs.

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