Photo Gallery: Jesse McCartney at Irving Plaza in New York City

Photo Gallery: Jesse McCartney at Irving Plaza in New York City

On Thursday, June 28th, Jesse McCartney brought the Better With You Tour to Irving Plaza in New York City! And we have to admit, he didn’t change one bit. The looks, the voice, the dance moves, it was ALL still there. We basically felt like we went in a time machine and relived our teenage years. And we loved every single second of it.

Although the show brought back so many amazing memories, it also brought new ones. Jesse sang his latest single, “Better With You” on this tour (of course.) And spoiler alert, it’s another jam! Two lucky fans also got an intimate new memory. He spoke to one fan in the crowd while streaming live on his Instagram Story, and another fan got brought up on stage.

The way Jesse treated his fans was priceless. He interacts with the crowd so much, making the show 100x more fun than it already was. That alone already made us love him even more. So if you haven’t seen Jesse recently, please do. This show was everything we wanted, needed, and more.

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