Photo Gallery: Jesse McCartney at PlayStation Theater in New York City

Photo Gallery: Jesse McCartney at the PlayStation Theater in New York City #ResolutionTour

On Monday, January 21st, Jesse McCartney brought The Resolution Tour to the PlayStation Theater in New York City just in time for the new year! Despite the freezing temperatures in the city last night, fans STILL showed up. You know your fans are dedicated when it’s so cold outside that you could get frostbite just for standing outside too long.

But it’s okay. We’re 100% sure every single person in the room got warmed up as soon as Jesse hit the stage. With a show filled with laughs, love, dancing, and new/classic bops, stepping out the house was totally worth it.

Just like on the Better With You Tour last year, Jesse brought a fan from the crowd on stage! And honestly, this is one of the many reasons why people adore Jesse so much. He genuinely cares to make his shows special for the people that show up.

He even asked people what their resolutions were, in honor of the tour name. Some were silly, making this such an adorable artist and fan moment. But best of all, throughout the entire show, you can tell Jesse was having the time of his life.

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Watch Jesse’s latest music video for “Wasted” below:

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