Photo Gallery: P!nk Visits Newark, Jersey for the Beautiful Trauma Tour

On April 14th we saw P!nk at her SOLD OUT Newark, New Jersey show at the Prudential Center for the Beautiful Trauma Tour.

Words can’t describe the amount of dedication this woman puts into her shows. First off, the stage scenery was absolutely insane along with all her outfit changes. And let’s not forget the acrobatics!

P!nk was in the air multiple times, whether it be doing acrobatics or just simply floating, which she did while sitting on a huge bed. There was one moment where the acrobatics were so exquisite, that she was basically dancing in the air with one of her dancers. We could barely dance, let alone dance in the air with another person!

One of the things we loved about the Beautiful Trauma Tour was the girl power. P!nk covered songs such as “I’m Just A Girl” by No Doubt as well as her own version of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” And remember that speech that P!nk told about her daughter from the VMA’s? Where her daughter told her, “‘I’m the ugliest girl I know.” She included that speech in the show in order to remind people that they are beautiful, and that they don’t have to change for anyone. Because she never did and look at her now.

Aside the speech, she did an extra wonderful job at making sure people felt beautiful within the show. She brought a young boy on stage, signed something for him, and took a photo with him. She also signed a person’s rainbow flag and pointed out and spoke to someone who she remembered from another show, because they got her signature tattooed on their arm!

At one point P!nk also took a silly hat from someone in the crowd and wore it for a little. And to be honest, she constantly paid attention to the crowd and put any gifts to the side, whenever someone tried to give her something. How cool is that? Most artists don’t pay attention to detail that much. Apparently someone even gave her skincare, which she announced on stage. Haha.

We tried to explain a little about just how amazing this show was. But our photos can speak for themselves. If you’re into stories, color, dancing, and stunning vocals, this show is for you.

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All photos by Melanie Gomez // Credit is required to share any photos.

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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