Pixie Lott Releases Music Video For “Won’t Forget You” Featuring Stylo G

The music video is here, just one and a half weeks after the single was released. Pixie Lott and Stylo G both star in the visual for “Won’t Forget You”. We previously wrote about the song upon its release.

The song was released on 3 Beat Productions, whilst the music video was directed by Patrick Killingbeck. According to Vevo, the composers of the song are Richard Boardman, Sarah Blanchard, Pablo Bowman, Aryan Nasr, Adam Knights, Saman Kadduri, Shayanne Imani Williams, Jason Andre McDermott, Matthew Humphrey, and Frank Bullens.

Watch Pixie Lott’s “Won’t Forget You” Music Video Featuring Stylo G Here:

The music video sees Pixie Lott attempting not to touch the floor in a lengthy game of The Floor Is Lava during the whole visual. The opening scene sees her on some steps, surrounded by dancers reading magazines; the magazines are thrown to the floor and are used as stepping stones during Pixie Lott’s choreography,

This whole concept builds and builds, to the extent where she walks over chairs; where she’s lifted by the dancers; and, where she’s transported by a hotel’s luggage cart/trolley. Is the floor really lava?

The visual has a greek theme going on, and the amazing dance choreography is pretty simple, but something we’ve seen Pixie Lott easily pull off time and again. Stylo G adds his flavour to the track and visual, which is totally needed at that exact time.

Pixie Lott has released a tonne of fantastic music videos in the past, so it’s a shame to see this one not measure up. We also still believe the song is way too short, and cannot wait for the remixes of the song to drop.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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