Pixie Lott Has Released New Single “Won’t Forget You” Featuring Stylo G

This week has been filled with awesome new music releases, and here is another one. It’s the fully-fledged return of Pixie Lott with brilliant track “Won’t Forget You”. The song features Stylo G, bringing another collaboration to Pixie Lott’s music catalogue.

This song certainly has a lot of “What Do You Take Me For?” vibes, which was also the last time Pixie Lott had a featured star on a track. It was produced by M-22 and Anton Powers, the latter of which collaborated with her on previous track “Baby“. This is her first solo release on 3 Beat Productions.

Listen To Pixie Lott’s Single “Won’t Forget You” Featuring Stylo G Here:

The change in record labels means a new direction of music for Pixie Lott. 3 Beat Productions are known for their dance and EDM tracks; previous alum on the record label include Inna, Alexandra Stan, Antonia, Sak Noel, Agnes, and Martin Solveig. She’s definitely a great addition to that collection.

She is currently working on her fourth studio album which is bound to be a club collection of anthems that we’re instantly going to like. “Won’t Forget You” is already a raging track that will get us on the dancefloor. This vibe and style suits her voice perfectly and, after a few plays, the track easily puts us in a party mood.

It’s a really short track at just over two and a half minutes. It has a beach summer vibe, which would’ve been perfect if it had been released a couple of months ago. As for Stylo G, his reggae part switches the track up a tiny bit. It’s just too short of a song to allow listeners to fully get into it; making us click that replay button.

We just know that there’s bound to be some killer remixes of this track. It’s totally one of those songs that DJs love to mix up. We really cannot wait for those to drop.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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