Gypsy Woman

PREMIERE | Alessa Ray Drops Sumptuous ‘Gypsy Woman’

Latin pop artist Alessa Ray premieres “Gypsy Woman” on CelebMix. The song mirrors Ray’s tasty blend of salsa, tango, modern pop, and electronic dance music.

Originally from Paraguay, and now based in Los Angeles, Ray burst onto the scene with the release of her music video “Mamacita,” which confirmed her talent for innovative creativity, followed by the release of “Game Over,” cementing her ascendancy as a pop luminary.

Ray began her music career in Paraguay, where, as a contestant in the Music Record Contest she realized fresh, imaginative music was essential. She began dropping unique songs online and performing in clubs. After releasing her debut EP to beau coup praise, she relocated to L.A., studying at the Musicians Institute, while at the same time refining her sound, along with contributing backing vocals for other artists.

Since then, her music has been featured in Music Connection, Hunnypot Radio, La Mezcla, Sidewalks TV, Tuned Loud, Muzik Beat, The JW Vibe, and Popdust, among others. “Mamacita” highlighted The CW’s iZombie. She’s been nominated for the California Music Video Award, and won a Global Music Award.

Ray is presently in the recording studio, laying down tracks for her second EP, persuaded by literature and her encounters with life and people.

“Gypsy Woman” opens on smooth Latin-flavored guitars flowing into a riveting salsa rhythm topped by Ray’s richly textured voice, full of velvety sensuous flavors. A plump bassline and tight percussion drive the rhythmic pulse, infusing the music with lush undulating sonic surfaces.

Radiant background vocals imbue the lyrics with luminous depth and dimension, as the wickedly seductive harmonics exude intoxicating savors. The combination of the voluptuous melody and glowing harmonies showcases the scrumptious flow of Ray’s creamy, sultry tones, simmering with tantalizing dangerous tinctures. It’s a grand, spellbinding voice, rife with oozing magnetic aromas.

Wonderfully fashioned, “Gypsy Woman” delivers palpable pop and salsa elements traveling on infectious harmonics, and the nonpareil voice of Alessa Ray.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.