PREMIERE: ALIUS Debuts Summery New Release “Lose To You”

Happy New Music Friday to everyone! As we are being blessed by new music from Ed Sheeran, Kygo, Kim Petras and more, we at CelebMix would also like you to get acquainted to ALIUS’ brand new release “Lose To You”.

The Melbourne producer, singer and songwriter is hereby following up on his latest track, “Caught Up” which has managed to amass 7 million streams on Spotify alone. And his latest release is sure going to be even bigger.

“Lose To You” deals with toxic relationships that deny you the possibility to make your own voice be heard. While this may sound very sad right now, ALIUS has instead decided to turn this narrative into an uplifting and summer-y release.

Co-written and brought to life with the help of Sarah Saint James, “Lose to You” is just the right blend of raw and emotional lyrics intertwined with uplifting chords.

Listen to the track right here (in case you live somewhere where the clock hasn’t struck midnight yet) or down below on Spotify. Also find out more about the release by reading our short interview down below:

How does it feel to finally debut a new song?

It feels amazing! This is the first release since Februar this year and feel it’s a great to come back with.

Tell us a little bit more about the inspiration behind the track.

I worked on the track with Sarah Saint James, our first session ever and we just clicked energetically and musically. We started talking and opening up to what’s going on and we found this common ground of putting the hard work into people but no matter how hard the work, you just end up losing.

How did the song come together? 

Sarah and I started chatting to each other and heard each others stuff and it was clear that we had to do a track together!

How was the collaboration with Sarah Saint James and how did you “choose” her for the track?

It was honestly like the stars all aligned. Just a solid pure session of making magic. We didn’t know it was going to be the single but with our co-writing, my production and her amazing voice it had to be released!

“Lose To You” is such a fun track which is why it is so surprising once you dive into the lyrics: what made you want to create an uptempo track out of the topic?

In life there are those tough moments and sometimes when you express it through song, it can be expressed in a way that is no so ‘depressing’ for example but more so just an expression to connect to in another way.

Complete the sentence: “My favorite tracks listen to during Pride season are:

I would say I go to my upbeat electro dance mix. Something that makes me dance. One at the moment is Janet Jackson – Made For Now!

What has 2019 still in store for your fans?

Already the next 3 singles are ready and  I am so excited and they are fresh and I am growing as an artist, writer and producer. Also will hopefully be expecting an album and some tours.

“Lose To You” is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer and platform of your choice.

Also be sure to follow ALIUS on his socials @aliusssounds.

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