PREMIERE: Alysha Returns With Dreamy New R&B Ballad “Dreams”

Alysha is back and she is better than ever!

Following the immense success of her debut single “David Attenborough”, which made its way onto several official Spotify playlists, the 17 year-old newcomer is ready to wow us again with her stunning new release.

The track is titled “Dreams” and, yes, it is as dreamy as it suggests. Featuring a laid-back production that channels both soul and jazz-aesthetics, Alysha’s latest song perfectly combines its chill and sensual vibes.

“But don’t let go, because I can see you in my dreams / I want you so because I can see you in my sleep”, the 17 year old sing soothingly in the song’s chorus, letting us sway and swoon with her over its relaxed, R&B-tinged production.

“Dreams” is the perfect song for these cold days as it will make you feel cozy and warm from the inside out. It is taken from Alysha’s upcoming debut EP, titled “Midnight Rendezvous”, so you better be ready for more amazingness!

For now, you can enjoy her new release by clicking on the upcoming links:

Start dreaming with Alysha by listening to the track either here on Spotify:

…or here on SoundCloud:

“Dreams”and her previous release “David Attenborough” are now available to stream and purchase on the digital retailer and platform of your choice. Both tracks were released via MKE Records.

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Written by Heiko

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