Chazzy L.

PREMIERE | Chazzy L. Dazzles On ‘Floating’

Based in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Chazzy L. premieres her latest single on CelebMix. The song is called “Floating,” following on the heels of her debut single, “Spaced Out.”

Describing the song’s inspiration, Chazzy L. says, “Nothing gets you higher than being in love, so high, you feel like you’re floating.”

Describing herself, she says, “I got a collection of hoop rings and bad habits.”

A natural born performer, Chazzy L. had applied to law school, when fate intervened. She boarded a plane bound for L.A. to spend time with a friend, who, it just so happened was a producer. Upon her arrival in the City of Angels, her latent inspiration exploded and she laid down six tracks in three days of recording.

Chazzy’s sound amalgamates hip-hop, soul, pop, and rock elements into edgy musical concoctions reflecting her take-no-prisoners attitude. Her distinctive brand of music is uninhibited, avid, and wildly trippy.

“Floating” opens on a sensuous blues-infused melody riding a hefty, crunching rhythm provided by taut drums and a plump smoldering bassline. Undulating with wicked textures, the music oozes sinuous swelling colors, as Chazzy’s rasping tightly-inflected voice delivers deliciously reedy tones full of dazzling proximity. Although her voice exudes fluid melodicism, hints of rap-lite add a tasty pull to Chazzy’s vocal flow on the verses.

Backing vocal harmonies imbue the lyrics with radiant depth and dimension, embellishing Chazzy’s seething timbres with glossy surfaces. A shimmering breakdown shifts the harmonics from muscular to creamy affluent hues, and then elevates back up to throbbing resonance and pulsing dynamics.

The mood of and feel of “Floating” is reminiscent of Macy Gray, visceral and simultaneously rich, as well as mirroring a creative fusion of pop and thick blues flavors into declarative, assertive vitality.

“Floating” is excellent, full of electrifying nuanced energy, an infectiously pulsing rhythm, and the scrumptiously yummy voice of Chazzy L.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.