PREMIERE | Elio Debut Sentimental EP – ‘Elio 1’

Los Angeles dream-pop duo Elio premiere their debut EP, Elio 1, on CelebMix. The EP encompasses four atmospheric tracks akin to danceable love letters, mirroring the highs and lows of love.

Made up of Harmless, aka Nacho Cano, and Onsen, aka Drew Straus, Elio blends the duo’s musical diversity, as queer and Mexican artists, into a distinctive velvety pop sound. The duo’s name – Elio – was borrowed from the film Call Me By Your Name, which is phonetically rendered as “El y Yo,” and translates to “Him and I.”

A songwriter and producer, Cano formerly recorded as Twin Cabins and Canito, whereas Onsen created plush innovative pop on ethereal soundscapes. Together, explains Cano, the pair transforms “the hopeless love I know from Mexico. Songs about impossible love, boleros in English,” into burnished music, gorgeous and creamy.

Prior to Elio 1, the duo released two singles, “Babyfool” and “Empty Persuasions,” with the latter song being featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds.

Elio 1 begins with “Babyfool,” opening on soft colors topped by a delicious falsetto, full of silky surface hues. The rhythm, light but penetrating, imbues the tune with indulgent motion, undulating on sparkling layers of color.

“Blind” rides a shimmering, gossamer dream-pop melody full of glimmering tones supported by a light rhythm that takes on energy as the tune advances. Swirling, chiming synths infuse the harmonics with gentle supple pigments, airy and delicate. A captivating falsetto suffuses the lyrics with dreamy, wafting timbres, complementing the mellow percolation of the music.

“Empty Persuasions” floats on restful aromas accented with creamy swells of glittering colors, as the tantalizing vocals glide sinuously overhead. The feel and mood of the tune is elusive yet exquisitely beautiful.

“Next 2 U” opens on a tasty syncopated groove capped by buttery vocals traveling on soft lustrous textures. The infusion of polished guitar accents permeates the tune with glinting inflections. The luscious cashmere flow of this track dresses it in fragrant flavors.

Brilliantly wrought, Elio 1 delivers scrumptious nuances of sonic colors, luminous textures, and glowing pressure, all crowned by sublimely sumptuous vocals.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.