CelebMix are premiering the latest release to come from Toronto-based artist KYLO, titled “Solace”.

KYLO - "Solace" single artwork

“Solace” is a dark synth-fused electropop record and is lyrically about forgetting the rest of the world and your problems when you’re with a certain someone.

“The song was inspired by the idea of when a lot is going wrong in your life, having that one person that when you’re with them it feels like nothing else matters, as cheesy as that sounds,” KYLO revealed.

“It’s about having that moment of when you’re with someone everything else just sort of fades away and your present in that moment only.”

The song has also been accompanied by a haunting music video, which sees KYLO sing in an empty mansion surrounded by objects such as a static television and a lit lamp.

KYLO’s music is rooted in electropop, and she takes influence from singers such as Banks and Abra, although through her music she is able to create a style of her own.

“Solace” is the latest release from the singer and is taken from her upcoming third EP, “Exit”, which will be released this autumn.

“It is the happiest meanings of all the songs on the upcoming EP, even though it still does have that haunting kind of sound and juxtaposition of happy meaning but darker sound,” she said.

KYLO also previously released two other singles, “Your Eyes” and “Sometimes” in the past year, and teamed up with Summer Hearts as a featured vocalist on his track “Subside”. We look forward to hearing what she has to offer next!

You can listen to “Solace” and watch the song’s official music video below:

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