Alessa Ray

Premiere | Latin Pop Diva Alessa Ray Releases ‘Game Over’

From Paraguay, and now based in Los Angeles, Latin pop singer-songwriter Alessa Ray premieres “Game Over” on CelebMix.

When competing in the Music Record Contest in Paraguay, Ray became conscious that writing innovative original music was the direction she needed to go. So she began releasing her original songs online, while simultaneously performing in clubs. In 2017, she dropped her debut EP online. Relocating to L.A. she studied at the Musicians Institute, worked on her own music with talented musicians, and provided background vocals for artists.

With the release of her music video “Mamacita,” Ray established herself as a rising superstar. At the same time “Mamacita” was exploding on YouTube, she was in the studio recording her second EP, merging flavors of pop, salsa, and dance into her unique, alluring Spanglish sound.

Ray’s sound lacks contemporary equivalence. That’s how good it is. Her unique blend of vivacious pop with bewitching salsa seasoned with the captivating throb of dance makes her music sui generis, as well as mesmerizing.

“Game Over” opens with a stylish accordion seguing into a potent Latin-flavored pop tune. The groove, pulsing with muscular oomph, carries dance savors, imbuing the tune with a heady rhythm. The groan of salsa-laced synths gives the music a deep infectious texture, as the accordion stutters with shimmers of braying colors.  A sparkling piano adds a bubbling mood to the harmonics, as the melody thrums with contagious surfacing ambience and delightful naughtiness.

The highlight of the song is Ray’s deliciously inflected voice, sensuous and charming at the same time, with seductive tones of madcap sassiness suffusing the lyrics with alluring cheekiness. There’s a scrumptious femme fatale feel to the music, impulsive and magnetic, yet simmering with a voluptuously stylish texture that’s irresistible.

“Game Over” oozes a mischievous sultriness, harmonic flair, and Ray’s sumptuously tempting voice. Alessa Ray definitely has it going on.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.