PREMIERE | Misty Mtn Release Seductive ‘Silver’

Synth-pop duo Misty Mtn premiere “Silver” on CelebMix. The song is from their forthcoming debut EP, Missed Your Call, slated to drop May 9.

According to Misty Mtn, “When we sat down to write ‘Silver’ we had one goal in mind – write a sexy song. In the process of finishing our debut EP, we had a lot of songs we loved but nothing that evoked the word ‘sexy’ – which for us is more of a feeling, like a grit or an edginess that you feel deep inside. We began discussing both the moon and silver, as elements that evoke the feeling. From there, we wanted to explore the idea of ‘Mercury in Retrograde’ affecting your daily life or accounting for your behavior based on your astrological sign.”

Based in Brooklyn, but planning on relocating to Los Angeles, Misty Mtn is made up of Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall. Originally from Montana, Trunzo grew up singing at rodeos, whereas Segall was playing with indie bands in L.A. The amalgamation of their influences results in what they describe as “dark mountain pop,” a captivating blend of western charm, beautiful Icelandic facets, and Brooklyn beats.

“Silver” opens on emerging synths rife with cool, sensuous colors flowing into a potently pulsing rhythm undulating with seductive hues and tumescent swelling throbs. Handclap percussion, along with a thumping kick drum and plump bass line infuse the rhythm with a sumptuous measured cadence.

Trunzo’s voice delivers velvety timbres full of deliciously irresistible savors. It’s a provocative voice, full of wicked come-hither gestures, as if she’s inviting listeners into a labyrinth of erotic encounters. The sonic projection and sheer resonant clarity of her tones are hypnotic. Radiant glows of background harmonies imbue the harmonics with a sense of imminence and urgent proximity.

“Silver” is exquisitely gorgeous and simultaneously beguiling, as Trunzo’s ineffably enchanting voice rides over the rippling melody. This track is lit, discharging almost mystical dynamics and enticing dark tangs.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.