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PREMIERE: MTV’s Cover of the Month Contender Ella Poletti Returns With “What To Do”

American singer-songwriter Ella Poletti is truly one to watch out for. After MTV included her rendition of Shawn Mendes’ smash hit “Stitches” in their Cover of the Month series, the young woman saw her name in everyone’s mouths. From 0 to hero, she is now ultimately on her way to making a name for herself in the music business by creating and releasing original music. Today is the day that parts of it see the light of day as she is featured on a brand new track by up-and-coming LA producer Out There.

After adding her unique voice to the Bodybangers track “Aftershock”, which was a catchy tune that got even better paired with her, this marks her second collaboration. Obviously it will most likely end up being another classic hit.

The brand new track we would like to debut to you today is titled “What To Do”. This song marks the second official release of Out There and it is better than his previous one! It is a song that takes Ella deep into the realms of Out There’s smooth and glitchy production that truly shines in its moments of pure synthiness. “What To Do” is a welcome catchy musical introduction for everyone that has been missing a personal favorite for this year’s song of the summer.

Listen to the song’s premiere right here:

We also chatted to Ella before the release about her new track and latest ventures. Read the interview below to find out more about the song’s creation and what she is about to do:

Hey Ella! We just heard your brand new track “What to Do” and we love it. Can you tell us something about the process behind it and how the song and collaboration came together?

I have a fun fact about the writing process: We wrote the first verse and build in the studio and we wrote the second verse and drop in the car actually! The process is purely feeling a melody and going with what your heart tells you.

What makes the song special in your eyes?

I think the song is special because it is very unique. I’ve never heard anything quite like it but it’s also an easy listen which means you can imagine listening to it in any environment.

“What To Do” marks your second collaboration after being featured on the Bodybangers smash hit “Aftershock” (which we still have a thing for). What have you personally enjoyed most about working with all those different artists in such a short time? What made your experience with Out There?

I am a very collaborative person and I love meeting and creating music with people. Time flies when you’re having fun. It was a very easy and fun collaboration with Out There because we get along very well. It was a lot of laughing and blurting out silly ideas which become something great in the end.

What part of the creating music do you find the most challenging (yet interesting)?

I think writing would be the most challenging and interesting. Sometimes it flows out of you effortlessly and sometimes you hit a complete block. It has a lot to do where you are emotionally. It is definitely a very raw and vulnerable process.  

“What To Do” takes on quite the different sound in comparison to your acoustic covers we know and love. Would you like to explore more musical styles in the future?

I  definitely want to explore a more electronic side of music since I’ve not been as exposed to it. This single has been a great taste of a more electronic sound and I’ve loved exploring this sound so far!

Is any more original music from you in the making right now?

Yes! I am very excited to share some upcoming original stuff with everyone! We have loads of songs in the works and one that I’m particularly excited about coming out later this summer.

If you had to give to give some piece of advice to our readers who might want to become a singer: what would it be?

My advice would be to keep doing what you love even if you feel discouraged. Everyone feels that way sometimes. If you are authentically yourself and really believe in yourself: there is room for everyone in the music industry. You just have to work hard and put yourself out there.

Thank you so much for the chat. We wish you just the best in the future.

Thanks so much for having me!

“What To Do” is available for purchase and streaming everywhere on Friday 29th.

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