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PREMIERE | Rich Jacques Mesmerizes On ‘Every Time’

Grammy award winning producer and artist Rich Jacques premieres “Every Time” on CelebMix. “Every Time” follows on the heels of Jacques’ previous singles, “Starlight” and “Oblivion,” both of which rode minimalist textures rife with subtle nuances, elusive ambiance, and alluring colors.

“Every Time” introduces auras of more palpable energy – tints of retro-pop flavors, an assertive rhythm, as well as rich surface pigments under exquisite control and imbued with imminent sonic structure. Yet, even though more complex on one level, the song still oozes Jacques’ elegant touch, his aesthetic intuitive gift for shaping the motion of the music.

With background vocals provided by Grammy winning singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb, “Every Time” exudes smoldering, seductive harmonies full of lustrous blushes of sensuality.

When Rich Jacques first arrived in L.A., his dream was to be a session guitarist. Realizing the music industry was changing, he began teaching guitar to A-list celebrities, while working on his own music. When his first EP dropped, Lynn Grossman latched onto it, landing hundreds of film and TV syncs for Jacques. After touring as Right The Stars, Jacques worked with Renee Stahl and hooked up with Lisa Loeb, as her producer, leading to a Grammy for “Feel What You Feel.”

Multi-talented, Jacques continues to produce for Loeb and other artists, while also working on new material for Right The Stars, as well as his Rich Jacques project.

“Every Time” opens on cool creamy colors flowing into a delicious pop melody gleaming with velvety savors, almost tropical, tantalizing and sweet. Crisp percussion and a pulsing bass line drive the contagiously undulating rhythm, as scintillating guitars glide sinuously overhead.

Jacques’ voice, mellow and delivering a falsetto as smooth as cashmere, infuses the lyrics with scrumptious vibrant tones, as Loeb’s softly glowing harmonies fill the harmonics with radiant depth.

“How you’re sleeping cause I’m streaming all these songs in my head? / Got your playlist on / There’s a dream fading in and out the storylines / Got you on my mind / All of this time I took my time / I didn’t know you were the one / But I can be blind sometimes / Always sun shines when you’re on my mind / Feels like the first time every time, every time.”

“Every Time” is cap-a-pie addictive, full of tasty infectious energy, sumptuous polished colors, and the plush tones of the voice of Rich Jacques.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.